Dressing Swank for "Frank"

Last night was a swinging cocktail party in honor of Frank Sinatra's birthday. Well, that and the fact that everyone was officially done with fall quarter. I finished up the scholastic part of my life on Tuesday, leaving me with almost four full days to whip up a frock for Frank. And here she is:

I used this pattern in view C/D. I made this style once before but used an a-line skirt instead of the sheath silhouette. This time, however, I stuck to the pattern almost entirely but added some pockets on the sides and fully lined the whole thing.

The exaggerated collar is made from a faux fur (actually, everything about this dress is faux - it's a smorgasbord of non-breathable polyester materials but it's winter in Chicago so that's okay). Cutting the fur made a total mess and it looked like a cut the bangs on a full kindergarten class of brown-haired girls:

The finished product came out quite fetching, I must say.

Next up are some Christmas presents and perhaps a knit top or two. My sister nicely lent me her serger but I have to experiment with it; I'm just waiting for the right, low-risk project and a lot of patience to learn. For now, my brain is fried.


  1. That dress is so gorgeous! Looks like it's right out of the wardrobe room for "Mad Men"!

  2. Gorgeous dress -- despite its synthetic-ness! :) Hope you have fun at the party!

  3. Wow, I was never interested in that pattern (thought it was boring) but you just showed what a little imagination can do for those Vogue illustrations. This is spectacular!


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