Side Project: Sporty Bag

I started this bag on Thanksgiving morning while sitting in my pajamas watching the Macy's parade (and clearly regressing to my childhood years). My intention was to finish up in time to go shopping on Black Friday but I neither finished it that day nor went shopping so I guess it worked out.

The final product looks nothing like the pattern (view B). It's made from a waterproof nylon, like what you'd see on a raincoat, and the straps are a nylon mesh. The inside is lined with a bright tangerine stripe from Ikea of all places. Overall I think it is far more durable than necessary for the kind of bargain-shopping I do but it'll hold a ton of junk and should squish nicely when I try to cram it into our packed front closet.

Next up is something far more glamorous, or at least that's my hope for it. But first I have to get through some pesky final exams...

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