Finally...Well, Almost

So not only has this week been rough because of that calendar shot below, but it's been rather tumultuous on the personal side too. I'll spare you the details, but there's a pretty stellar condo on the line right now and after 7 rounds of seller/buyer (them/us) price negotiations, a positive (but not free) home inspection, and surprisingly encouraging mortgage talks (in case you haven't heard, credit is now tighter than a pair of Spanx) it might just be these two that kill the deal for us.

Or rather, the simple fact that there are two of them and not just one. Damn the dog haters of the world. And for those of you with both a dog and a house (not a condo), I can only imagine how wonderful it is to not have some stranger deciding how many pets you are entitled to owning.

ARGH. Anyway, amongst all of the craziness I turned to some reliable therapy: sewing. The CAB dress is almost done. I had the same issue as Emily did with the empire waist gathers where both pieces were just too long. Not a big deal though; I just reset the gathers and trimmed them up but you can see that they extended about 1.5 inches past the center seam.

I was all ready to put the zipper in when I realized I had no black ones in my stash. In the meantime I did some strategic tacking on the dress to make sure pieces laid correctly, like the neck ruffle and the front gather on the skirt. Pictures to come.

And lastly, I did some major hand stitching here:

Yes, that's right kids, your eyes do not deceive you. I finally basted all of the organza underlining pieces to the taffeta. The wedding dress is officially underway. If this condo thing continues on at this rollercoaster pace I'll likely have the white frock finished in no time!

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  1. Hang in there on the condo front. We just bought our condo last summer, and it was a huge ordeal -- we lost the first condo we put an offer on to a better offer, and for the condo we finally ended up getting, we had to beat out three other offers! I'm totally with you on the dog front -- so many of the buildings around here attach weight restrictions to the pet allowance, which makes no sense to me at all. We fell in love with a great place that allowed dogs 20 lbs. or less, which wasn't going to work for us and our 60 lb. goldendoodle! Dog haters suck!


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