Wedding Dress Wednesday - #3

There is a blissful quiet in my house right now. Namely, because of this:

Charlotte's only been here for about 5 days but she's already earned herself a few nicknames. The first is "little monster," and that probably needs no explanation. She's taken a liking to eating clothes as one of her pasttimes.

The second one is "Pudge" which also needs little explanation if you've seen the pictures of her belly. I'm partial to Pudge because "Hudge & Pudge" has a nice ring to it, particularly when "Hudgins and Charlotte" takes too long to yell out when trying to get them to behave. When did I turn into a mother of two?

Anyway, back to the dress, since it is a Wednesday and all. Last Friday I cut the fabric - everything but the cotton that will make the foundation. Since I can cut that on a little table, and since my hands were killing me after the taffeta, organza, and china silk, I threw in the towel and will do that later. All told it took 8 hours (!) to cut all 42 pieces (!!), despite having my dining table in the living room so it could be fully extended to 10 feet.

There really was no way to lay out more than one piece since I was using genius pattern weights (knives and forks) instead of pinning and the table's only 32" wide. The weights saved time but the tradeoff was doing it one piece after another. I now have to start attaching the underlining (organza) to the taffeta, and that will most certainly have to wait until another nap time happens around here.

Lastly, the CAB dress is coming along though you wouldn't know it from any pictures. The bodice is done, all 48 instruction steps! And now I finally get to start on the skirt, but again, at nap time.

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