Suits Me Just...Okay...

I should not write things like, "and tomorrow's post" unless we've suddenly converted to a calendar in which a day is now 3 weeks long. I honestly don't even know where the last weeks have gone, except for a few of them that were spent in The South doing some wedding stuff. You can bet your Confederate Gray that I miss that place. I digress.

I've been working on this suit for what seems like months but I have to take full blame for that. The construction wasn't too challenging, save for the welt pockets which resulted in brief quizzical looks. Without further ado, here she is:

You'll notice that this is one of a few pictures on this entire blog of me actually wearing a finished garment! I am trying to be better about this but clearly my modeling skills need to be brushed off, my "I know something you don't know" model smirk is shameful, and my make-up artist needs to be rehired. Or hired in the first place.

Pattern review takeaways:

1) I'm pleased with the construction and the 100% silk fashion fabric and lining feel luxurious

2) The fit of the jacket is spot-on; the skirt is too high-waisted for both my taste and my body. I think a wider, 1-1/2" waist band would give this a younger/more modern appearance (see point 3)

3) The color and the texture of the nubby raw silk material give it a granny-chic vibe about which I'm not entirely thrilled. This, combined with the high-waisted, skinny banded skirt cause me to question my commitment to this outfit. However, check out those pockets!

So, I think this was a great practice suit and gives me hope for the other patterns currently collecting dust on my shelf. I can see myself letting go of the skirt after 1 or 2 spins around the block. The jacket could be paired with some white dress pants to minimize the conservative mother-of-the-bride look I get from it now. I don't know - is all hope lost?


  1. It's hard to make comments about color choice as taste is quite personal. But since you brought it up I do have to agree with you about the color of the suit - a bolder color would have really made the jacket "pop". The construction of the outfit, however, is lovely. If this is your first suit jacket it does not show.

  2. All Hope is totally not lost; I think it looks really good as a suit, although I get where you're coming from re: MOB. I think that comes from equal parts the color (which is a great neutral-but-not-beige springy color, and it's hard to get a feel for the excellent texture of the silk unless you're close up) and the fact that nobody, really, wears suits any more. I bet vogue opted for a bordering-on-the-novelty fabric for the envelope design, because that bright coral color and the sheen of the fabric both say heylookitme! whoa! But in real life? That's a lot of color to wear all at once. I think if you wanted to play this suit with a vintage tone it would be really easy and quite effective (which I mean as a total compliment); a more contemporary wearing is limited, natch, by how much people dress down today vs. fifty or sixty years ago.

  3. Your suit looks lovely. The style is classic. I think it is the muted (boring, safe)color that makes it look granny chic. Other than that everything else is great. Expecially the fit, and the wonderful job you did on the welt pockets. I have this pattern so I was thrilled to see it made up and modeled on a real person.

  4. What a wonderful job you did on that suit!It looks great on you!


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