100+ days later....


Hello? 2010? This is 1994 calling and I'd like my lifestyle back. You know, the one without wireless internet, decent-quality digital cameras, iPods, e-books, fancy schmancy gyms? Yeah, that one. Right now you seem to be conducting day-to-day life in 2010 with all my gadgets, or lack thereof. How is it?

What we have here is my arsenal for the annual fitness kick-off that hits the US of A this time of year. But instead of the iPod, sexy gym member card on key chain, and iTunes gift card what you see is a WALKMAN KNOCK-OFF (for my BOOKS ON TAPE), a CHICAGO PUBLIC LIBRARY CARD for said FREE books on tape, and a LAMINATED blue piece of paper that serves as my gym membership at the local park fitness center. I may be days away from 28 but I'm telling you, I feel like I could be 12 again. This timewarp of technology has been permeating my life lately and has much to do with explaining my absence on this new-fangled blog thing.

1. There's the fact that the wireless capability on my once-trusty laptop has just completely vaporized like the little wireless radio waves it once harnessed for me. Beyond just the inconvenience factor comes the issue of photo manipulation for blog-worthy media. My laptop has PhotoShop without internet while my husband's laptop has internet without PS. Going back and forth to publish a post was apparently beyond my patience level.

2. Speaking of photos, the USB cable specifically for our camera grew legs and left the house. Too little use or too much abuse I don't know but apparently it has peaced out and I'm left with no digital pics (exception - iPhone, but is that really a good substitute? You be the judge when looking below).

3. Alongside the camera cable went any talent for sewing. Friends, I've had several dates with my sewing machine, even after the horrible garments last posted, and they've all turned out disastrously. WTF? I make a wedding gown and then all goes to hell? God I hope that's not foreshadowing for these nuptials! Anyway, there hasn't been much to write about given my failures. Until now. Behold Lil Monster's (Charlotte-the-puppy-now-13-month-old) dog bed:

As an explanatory aside, Charlotte quickly earned the name Lil Monster after we discovered her penchant for eating/destroying many home goods, namely underwear and carpet. She also has a taste for the stuffing in dog beds. Thus arose the need for a more durable bed after she ripped open the bean-filled monogrammed plaid monstrosity from Orvis. Snow came in October at our house, y'all.

Anyway, I grabbed some $3/yd Sunbrella indoor/outdoor fabric from Joann's, a bag of poly stuffing, and one tough 22" poly zipper. Construction-wise there's not much to say; it's a pillow with a zipper shield to keep puppy teeth away.

Pleased as punch with a sewing project that actually turned out moderately well, I beckoned Lil Monster over to see what she thought. Miss Priss showed no interest at first, but as soon as Hudgins laid down on it she came running (note the blur at the bottom left). We're now 3 weeks in and so far, not a tear in sight. For $12 and 45 minutes of time I'd say this is value at its finest. Shove it, $250 Orvis bed with 7 day delivery!

Here's the thing, though. Despite my success with entry-level sewing, the machine has been temporarily packed away. Also gone is that carpeting you see in the pictures. Couch? Wrapped up. Walls? We removed them. Bathroom in basement? Gone. Heck, we even took out the concrete floor (but only parts of it). Have we gone mad? Perhaps. But the one thing that's for sure is we're newlyweds in a new house and back in the world of DINKS (double income no kids).

So the sewing's on hold but the sledgehammers and Home Depot trips are in full force. Come along for the ride, won't you? This is a serious project! I mean, I've economized on the gym and such in order to funnel money into the endless pit that is home improvement. Don't worry, there will be sewing along the way. Monogrammed towels for the swank new bathroom may be in order...


  1. Nice to see you blogging again!

  2. Love the dog bed. Sunbrella fabric, never thought about that. Are there still no holes because Charlotte doesn't chew the new bed, or because the fabric is that tough? I've never used it before, and I keep thinking it would be nice to have a bed for our dog, now 5, who used to chew everything. Yes, socks and underwear were the favorites of hers also.


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