Basement Part 4b: Framing Photos

Drumroll, please:
That's a ceiling, with recessed lights and speaker wire for surround sound

Here's the new family room. Note the carpet line cut? That's where the old wall was. Little difference but big impact.
Plumbing and electrical are in. Sewer lines properly vented. Power and HDMI line for tv hardwired into the wall for a pretty wall-mounted tv viewing experience.

Shower basin and walls back in. Toilet flange ready and waiting.

Foam beneath the shower basin for support. It's still expanding...

Boxed-out sewer stack AND bookshelf niche to the side, above the old toilet hole. Yippee! We got to deal with one of those trouble spots in a good way.

Newly expanded utility/storage room. The break in the tile shows where the old bathroom wall was. Finally, room to walk around and store stuff. Gasp!

And last but not least, for my sewing-fan loyalists, the new home of my sewing desk, with the closet beyond that will hold all the fabrics, notions, patterns, etc. Despite the toilet in picture, here's hoping my sewing skills haven't gone down the drain from lack of use (sorry, couldn't help it).
Drywall is coming....

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