Basement Part 6: Covering stuff up

First, thanks for the helpful comments regarding the potential slip-cover project. More on that below.

Next, drywall is in and we're just waiting for all the mud to dry before painting. In the interim, I should be running around with Pledge, dust cloths, and a vacuum but it almost feels pointless. The dust always returns! Our house currently looks haunted the dust is so plentiful.

Bathroom walls are in (and that purple color is a sight to behold).

New family room with utility room beyond. That vacuum got a work-out!

New sewing nook/office area. The desk will go to the right, just beyond the closet door edge you see.

And speaking of that closet door, it is covering up the gas and water meters that we would not move, no matter how annoying it is to have a closet in the middle of an otherwise usable wall. Instead, Matt had the genius idea to put all the media stuff inside and get it out of view. Words cannot describe how happy I am to not see piles of boys' toys all over our spiffy new space. And just so you know, when I took this picture only half of the electronics were inside!

Boys' toys provides a nice segue to that men's hunt club theme from the last post. To cover up the purple and gray sheetrock we're going with an accent wall of Benj. Moore Anchor Gray and an overall color of Dune Grass. I'd show you the swatches but the online versions look nothing like the real deal, so you'll have to wait for next week when we've finished painting.

We're working with our existing couch and the style is just like this one below but the fabric is parchment-colored microfiber. Its pale, neutral shade will definitely help in keeping things from feeling too dark and heavy.

Then we've got the chair and ottoman I was talking about. It's a dead-ringer for this one, color and all:

chair and couch images from jcpenney.com

Lastly, as promised, here's a shot of the loot I picked up Sunday afternoon. The paisley is a low pile velour-type deal, the green/gray striated velvet has an awesome sheen that you can see if you look at the strip next to the selvage, and the plaid/houndstooth fabric is a drapery-weight woven. I realize they probably look really dark, but we all know there are two black labs who will call this room home and their fur is not to be messed with.

Here's where I bring up the chair slip-cover again. Style-wise, I'm not in love with that green chair but it is damn comfy. More to the point, though, it's so cushy and rounded, with all kinds of extra curves that you can hardly see in the picture, that I'm now questioning the value of re-covering it when I know its life expectancy is probably short. The nagging issue? I have 4 yards of the paisley that I really want to use on a piece of furniture.

Today's question: paisley on a more squarish chair (craigslist can probably help me out again here) or on a large ottoman? Plaid on pelmet boxes over our little windows (to give them some oomph) or as throw pillows? I've got ideas as to where to use the fabric but it's fun to hear your thoughts, too!

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