Interrupting Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Because our dogs are like children to us, I'm holding off on a regular Made It Monday post so that I may properly celebrate March 29th. A finished jacket! post will come tomorrow.

Today is Hudgins' 7th birthday.

Looking at him in the picture below makes me feel old. Matt probably feels the same way. Funny side note - I swear Matt was wearing that exact outfit last night. We tend to call this look "the uniform."

Not much has changed there, I guess. But other things sure have - check out my short hair! Keep the snickering to a minimum, please. This shot was taken the day of Matt's graduation from UVa (Hudgins was my graduation present to him) and the humidity sat at 95% the whole freakin' weekend. My hair and humidity have never been pals.

Over the years we've been sure to include (torment?) Hudgins in all the fun. This was pretty easy in college. I put the short 'do to use one year when I dressed up as Velma from Scooby Doo, Matt was Shaggy, and Hudge was Scooby, natch. We happened to run into a Daphne and Fred so the clan was all represented.

Following his master's lead, Hudgins ended up on the fraternity's beer pong table later in the evening.

We've also ditched him with our respective parents plenty of times (thanks y'all!) but we think of this as "going to camp." Here Hudgins is hanging out with Matt's parents' dogs, Bo and Daisy. He looked like such a little guy then.

Just as Hudgins (aka Hootie Bootie, a moniker given by Matt's sister) settled in to being the calm dog of the house, we decided to shake things up a bit and bring home Charlotte.

They're good buddies most of the time, he wants to give her a good smack some of the time, and she loves him all of the time.

So Happy Birthday to Hootie Bootie. You'll always be our favorite little redneck dog.

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  1. Love it! Love Hootie Bootie Hudgins. We had two black labs for many long years - Carmen and Otto. Otto was the younger and we have pictures of them sleeping together like that. Those pictures still warm my heart. They are both in the big Puppy Park in the Sky now(Carmen was 13 1/2 and Otto was 14+). Now we have Hoover, a Border Collie mix. What a difference from labs! Hoover would not approve of beer pong, where Otto would have been the first one on the table. Thanks for the memory! :)


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