Of spreadsheets, not clothes. I'm hanging out in my spreadsheet modeling class and thought I'd post an update on the state of the dresses. There's been a lot of talk about dresses this week, what with the inauguration and all, so why not keep in that theme? Here's why - I have nothing to share.

That's partially true. I started cutting the fabric for the CAB dress and that was no small task. I think between the lining and the fashion fabric there were 20 yards to go through. It took about 5 hours total because, as it turns out, silk chiffon is quite slippery and a pain to cut accurately. The bodice pieces are under construction but are not at any recognizable point so I have no pictures.

And as for the wedding dress - Mom was in town and helped me play around with a few other things. For your sake and mine, I'm not posting any more pics of this thing until I've settled on one to the point that I've cut the fabric. I've cried "wolf" enough! No sense in pretending I've got the muslin right until it's no longer a muslin.

Other things have been progressing more smoothly, however. Check this out:

That's the image for our save the date postcards, which I ordered from Moo. I was really impressed with the quality, which is a nice, thick cardstock postcard printed with a glossy finish. Sure, they took two weeks to get here from London but the price and convenience definitely made it worth the wait. And now, they're off to mailboxes all over.

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