Oh My, It's Oh-Nine...

...and so far the year has gotten off to a pleasant start. However, things are about to change dramatically as school kicks back into gear tomorrow morning. I spent most of the day cleaning the house and organizing things like my "junk" drawer(s) and scrubbing bathrooms. Perhaps this feels like that nesting thing before a baby arrives? (Incidentally, I have a lot of pregnant friends at the moment and at least once a month until summer there will be new wailing babies across the country. Maybe this is what made me think of nesting, because I'm sure not!) Read on for a long post!

Other things accomplished during break: aprons sewn as Christmas presents for the future in-laws. His and hers in a nautical print for the house on the river. Awww.

And then a whole slew of Christmas cookies for friends and family across the States. Included in the boxes was a PhotoShop-ed card mapping out the treats. (Can you tell I loooovve having free time on my hands?)

Then, following a week-long trip to Florida I amassed a full face of freckles that should keep me looking healthy amongst Evanston's cold, grey skies for about another week or so. I'll take whatever I can get.

M and I got back on New Year's Day (we flew down on Christmas day and back on NY's day, two holidays on which I just don't recommend flying, no matter how much cheaper it is). New Year's Day also happened to mark 7 months until the wedding. 7 months. Wow.

Once that sunk in I decided it was time to get cranking on things. My dutiful maid of honor searched far and wide for a dress she would actually be comfortable wearing, which is hugely important since I'm asking her to stand outside, in the sun (hopefully), in August, in humid, humid Virginia. She found one and the other gals hopped on board so that task is done. The color is teal but before you shriek "EW! 80s!" I contest it's a different shade and was pleased as punch to see it all over the pages of the lastest Martha Stewart Wedding magazine. Also featured in the "what's hot" section of dresses were tiered gowns, a la yours truly's.

Speaking of Martha, goddess of fanciful living and nuptials, she declared that at 7 months out I should also think about invitations and be prepared to order them in the next month or so. Well, think I did not but decide I did. Thanks to help from Mom, invitations were selected and ordered in what I wager is a record time of 45 minutes. I also have a woman on board to address all of them. Phew. I'll post a pic when they're in but overall they're quite simple with a subtle 1/2"-wide border and then a fine row of dots/"pearls" inside of that, framing the words. For two people who went to school where football game attire was "guys in ties and girls in pearls" M and I found these rather appropriate. Honestly, I really wanted to design and make the invitations myself but between school and the dress I just didn't think it was feasible. I would have made myself crazy, fo' sho'.

Big tangent: I'm starting to think about this concept of "delegating" that professors swear is what responsible leaders know how to do. I don't know if I'm delegating or just not as stubborn in the I've-got-a-theme-and-that-doesn't-work kind of way I thought I might be. Like the bride who picked out invitations before me, for instance. Apparently she had a beach theme going on and after two hours of searching, she just couldn't pick from the 20 seashell motifs available for invitations. A few thoughts. 1: This was in Ohio, where you are about as far from natural seashells and pretty beaches as possible. Thus, funky theme choice? 2: Sparkly seashells, in 2009, really? The invitations lady said she's seen worse - teddy bears. 3: No identifiable theme = less matchy-matchy = less stress. Or so I've decided.

Anyway, all of this means that it really is time to start making The Dress real. I do have one other project that needs to be ready for the Charity Auction Ball in early March so the next sewing-related posts should be about one of those two gowns. If not, somebody kindly remind me that I will be the most under-dressed person at my wedding because I will be without something to wear. I will also be without a clue for class tomorrow if I don't stop typing and start reading.

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