Out With The Old

(yet another dress carcass on the cutting table)

and in with the new:

Here's what it took to get there (every one of these patterns was used in some way!):

and in the end, it just took one pattern with some editing - no pleats.

(Vogue 2963)

Clearly there's been some sewing happening around here. I'll spare you the numerous changes I went through and the oodles of things I tried (and obviously didn't like). But the fit on this one is perfect, the non-pleated skirt took about 20 lbs off the thing, and the bodice is surprisingly flattering to my "petite" top. The picture below shows it without the foundation in place so when finished it will be more shapely. Also, the inside piece will be a tad smaller once the seams are in.

So that's it! Now I can move on to cutting the real fabric. But it will have to wait, as I've got another project up next. I've got until March to make a black and white gown for the Black and White Charity Auction Ball. The pattern du jour is here and I'll be using this fabric:

Here's hoping I'm not nearly as indecisive as I was with the wedding dress.

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  1. I love your collection of patterns that went into the project. Clearly designing your wedding gown is a special process and it is wonderful to see how you have been going about it. I will look forward to seeing the next steps.....


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