CAB Dress - #1

I was on high sewing after making some progress on the wedding dress so I decided to keep it going by starting the black and white dress. At first glance the construction in this pattern seems crazy, which is why I felt I needed to make a muslin of at least half of the bodice. And here it is:

The practice fabric I had is actually much thicker than the chiffon I'll be using but in general it worked. And, the flounce around the neck will probably not be nearly as voluminous as it is on this muslin. I ordered some fabric from Thai Silks for both the lining of this dress and the wedding dress so as soon as it arrives I can start on the real deal.
Side note - in an effort to ward off a full bout of "senioritis" and the ensuing sub-optimal academic performance, I've imposed some self limits and will work on/post about the wedding dress on Wednesdays and the B&W dress on Fridays. No class on W and F = no school work period, in my opinion.

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  1. I used that pattern last spring, and had fabulous results. I love the idea of using a print -- I just stuck with a solid. Good luck!


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