That's five full bags of clothing and random accessories that came out of my closet and drawers yesterday and went to Goodwill. Impressive, right? What's frightening is that my closet looks rather unchanged....

Why the garment purge, you ask? We had a home inspection on Sunday and should everything work out, our wardrobes will be migrating to a smaller, shorter closet in a few months. Seeing a "cozy" (read: tiny/snug/made for small children) space like that gently reminded me that there are a lot of things that are going unworn day after day. Let 'em go, I say, and make room for the new.

Aside from finishing the flower girl dress I've started working on this suit from Vogue in anticipation of rejoining the working world.

The fabric is a raw silk that I picked up from the similarly named Vogue fabric store in their remnants section. Incidentally, the flower girl dress fabric also came from that gem of a source. I almost think that section deserves a post of its own. Anyway, no progress shots of the suit despite having done a muslin (with sleeves this time!) Progress necessitates cutting the fabric, which still remains on my to-do list.

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