Spring Has Sprung

Though the dress is finished the sewing projects are not! However, a quick look at the date of my last posting would suggest I had signed out of the interwebs forever. No, instead it was just the start of my final quarter here and sweet jebus did things start off with a bang. I don't know why I'm surprised anymore when I suddenly lose control of my calendar.
Remember that green polka-dot fabric I talked about weeks back? Yeah, well, it finally materialized into something (ha...ha...). What we've got here is McCall 5525 - a basic trench coat with some variations for the creative sewist. I stuck with view D but took the sleeves from A.

There's nothing remarkable about the construction. I used a light weight cotton duck fabric and lined it with a polyester china silk. While I loved the crisp green fabric I was only moderately happy with the lining. After working with gorgeous real silks on my last two endeavors I'll admit I've become something of a natural fibers snob!

If you look closely you can see the back vent, which is a nice detail on a fitted jacket like this one. I made a muslin of the coat body but no sleeves to check the sizing and that was all fine and good. However, I somewhat wish I had done at least one sleeve because they could probably stand to be a half inch longer. Still, I'm happy with it and got some lovely compliments when sporting it on a sunny Easter Sunday.

Speaking of sunny, here's a preview of the flower girl's dress. It's just about done, save for the hem and a real satin sash (what's on it now is just a fabric scrap to get an idea of color). I'm headed down to Virginia with Matt in May to do wedding planning stuff and I'll be taking this with me to size up the little munchkin.

It will get its own post next, and hopefully much sooner than this one took!

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  1. Beautiful jacket!! I know it looked great on you. Flower dress is looking good.


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