It's Done!

The dress is done! It's actually been finished since Monday but that was the very same day that spring quarter kicked off and it did so with a vengeance. The weekend is poised to be equally busy so I thought I'd squeak this in now despite the chance it will probably be a shorter post. Also, I'll just say now that I don't have one overall great photo of the dress. The need to clean up the sewing room and get the dress put away safely, on top of no good place to stage a photoshoot, precluded me from getting any "ooh" or "ahh" -worthy pictures. I suppose you'll have to wait until August!
Below are a bunch of detail shots. Putting modesty aside for a moment, I'm pretty impressed with that back zipper and the trim. If you could lift up the zipper pull you'd see that the trim pattern is perfectly matched and the three bars seen on the far right meet up just so at the middle, too.

The skirt hem was embellished with small bugle beads that match the waist trim and neckline. I spaced them about ever 3/8" after first trying to get a continuous line of them, then realizing I would be bald on my wedding day from having pulled all my hair out in the process of beading! The other hem shot shows construction details: 1" horsehair just above the bead line, then the stitch line of the ruffles, then 1/2" horsehair on the skirt hem to finish it off, and lastly a narrow hem on the ruffle band.

And lastly, two looks on the inside. The monogram made it after all! I used it as a small patch to then stitch the tulle band together at the center back seam.

Finally, there will be no garter toss at this affair. So for a glimpse at the underside of the dress, here you go!

It feels great to have completed the dress. I'm really thrilled with it and it does give a huge sense of accomplishment and pride. However, I'm also relieved to put it in a garment bag and move on to the millions of other tasks! Next up is the flower girl's dress and possibly a suit for the ring bearer, but that depends on what get-up Matt selects for the gents. I've had a ton of questions about wedding theme colors and didn't have an answer until about a week ago. Then, while trolling some favorite sites this week, my choices were confirmed as "my colors" were all over the place, and in some fabulous applications! See if you can figure them out (it shouldn't be hard):

from http://www.swsmag.net/

from http://www.dressaday.com/dressaday.html

from http://www.thisyounghouse.com/

There are some cool fabric samples in these colors strewn about the room but I'm just too lazy to scan them in to share. Check back later!


  1. Congratulations on finishing your beautiful dress. What a relief to have such an important part of the wedding ready to go!

  2. That is beautiful!!What a wonderful job you did.

  3. That's a beautiful dress! Great job!

  4. The dress is beyond gorgeous - great job! And fully agree about the garter toss. I made a totally garish blue beaded affair as therapy when the wedding insanity got to be too much and then, during the ceremony, descretely pulled it off and handed it to one of my best guy friends who really helped me in a rough patch and who collects garters. He's really not as creepy as that makes him sound. Anyway, that was as much of a toss as I was willing to do. And for the bouquet we actually got all the women, single and non, out and had a breakaway bouquet. If you caught a bit of it you could give it to anyone, any gender, in exchange for a hug or kiss. Corney, but better in my book than the singling out of the single women so they could fight over who gets married next. Or, in my pre-wedding case, bat away any bouquets that come too close.

    And that turned out a lot longer than I expected.

    Point: Your dress is beautiful (fantastic workmanship!), the colors look gorgeous, and I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful wedding! Don't forget to eat and if the photographer gets too pushy shove them towards the cute flower girl and make a break for the buffet. :)

  5. I came across your blog when you were making muslins of your wedding dress, and I just recently checked back. Wow--was I surprised! Your wedding dress turned out beautifully! I can't wait to see photos (if you do post any) of your dress at your wedding.

  6. Adore the dress. Simple, yet elegant, and so well made! Aren't weddings a crazy time of your life? Good luck.


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