Plea About Plaid

Matt and I just returned from a Boston wedding for our friends Alissa and Kyle. This past weekend's affair was Beautiful with a capital "B" and the bride even more so. I brought out a dress from last season (gasp!) and realized I never posted a word about it here, so look for that later this week when I'm on my home computer and not here at work (double gasp!) where I have no accessible pictures.

As this wedding bidness continues I am running low on outfits, so I've got a project brewing in this brain for next weekend's festivities. (It's back in the Boston area, no less!) I scooped up this fun, summer-into-fall plaid woven that is completely reversible. One side is a pale purply color while the other is more taupe.

Immediately this number came to mind: Vogue 1108. The side bow could easily be done in the reverse fabric to spice it up. However, there's some serious construction involved on this pup so it may or may not happen given my time constraints and this pesky day job thing.

Another contender is Butterick 4790, but only with a decent amount of modification. For starters I'd skinny up those shoulder straps/sleeve caps and I'd slim down that skirt. I heart Betty Draper's wardrobe from Mad Men, but some things should stay in the past and not be packed in my Boston suitcase. The bell-shaped silhouette of this dress is one of them.

So, what's your vote?


  1. I love the Vogue, but you're right -- a lot of work in one week! The funny thing is, if you go back to your Mad Men picture and look at Joan Holloway, the Vogue dress looks very much like the green number she is wearing! So, perhaps you're destined to make one of the Mad Men dresses, just a different one?

  2. My vote is for the Vogue--but it's purely selfish (and probably too late now). I bought this pattern planning to make a mother of the bride dress for my Mom (whenever my sisters decide to get married), and I want someone's opinion on it!


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