Hello all! I'm back and I've got pictures just as promised. All of the images are courtesy of our amazing photographer, Jack Looney. Endless, endless thank-yous to him for capturing so many special moments for us. And, I can now finally reveal all of the other projects I was sewing or working on in some other crafty manner. Lots of images to follow so head's up!

I suppose we should start with THE DRESS. In short, I loved it and it was so much fun to wear.

It was simple but had some panache with the taffeta and bit of ruffled hem.

This also helped to give a more dramatic silhouette when bustled.

The silk breathed as well as it could in 88 degree heat, with a dash of humidity. The bodice held its form well through the day, despite my fear of skimping on the structure inside.

My only complaint? The damn zipper in the back. If you'll remember this post where I was pleased as punch with my zipper installation, you may be wondering what went wrong. Well, here's the rule for all those working on wedding dresses: leave it alone! It is more likely to be right the first time. I embarked on minor alterations about a month before the wedding because I was worried the waist band was just a tad snug and therefore not allowing the dress to truly hang on my shoulders. WRONG. That zipper never laid the same way again and the back two panels had minor (but noticable to me) wrinkles from the fabric pulling. I really don't know what happened when I put the zipper back in but it was never the same. ARGH. So, as much as I loved the back of the dress, I prefer the pictures of it from a distance.

So on to the other handmade items. First up is my hair piece, which I cannot take credit for but will rather give to Lulusplendor on Etsy. When you can't make it yourself I swear that site is the next best thing. (See what I'm talking about with the wrinkles on the butt? BLECH. Thankfully the nature of the taffeta helped disguise that a bit.)

The feathers in the fascinator also worked quite well with the boutonierre's Matt made, to give a nod to his beloved fly fishing.

As you can see, the guys wore navy blazers and white linen pants, which worked quite well with the table runners I whipped up days before the event. The fabric came from IKEA and in a brief moment of lapsed judgment, I had planned to actually cut and hem all 18 of these babies. Then I remembered the pinking shears - deep sigh of relief! Those things are worth their weight in gold, despite the small blister I got on my finger! And the make-your-own-table-runners is a good tactic for avoiding extra cleaning fees from the linen vendor if you have tall, drippy candles like we did.

Let's go in for a closer look, shall we? Because then I can finally show you those favors I mentioned more than once! Together Matt and I made cotton webbing key fobs and used about 8 different kinds of jacquard ribbon. Though we were intentional in our original assignment of the favors, we later discovered there was a secondary market for them and people were bartering for different ribbon patterns! They were a crowd pleaser and I particularly liked that we could incorporate them into the table setting as napkin rings.

And as for my two favorite munchkins, here is the flower girl in her dress (which she loved to twirl around in because it was long, I later learned) and the junior groomsman in his scaled-down tie. (Aren't these fun pictures? The photographer set up a photobooth of sorts and people went to town after all the serious stuff was over!)

To close up this discussion on all things handmade, here's a shot of our wedding programs. This little project morphed into a big one, as I added more things to the packet. Inside was a list of the wedding party, the dinner menu, the seating arrangements, and a thank-you note to all the guests done with a bit of humor. I liked the programs because constructing them kept me busy on the 12 hour drive down to Virginia, while the guests liked them because they kept them busy waiting for the show to start!

And so that about does it for us. Now that I'm hitched, what's coming down the sewing pike? HOUSE STUFF! Curtains, bedding, and all other fabric finery is in my future. And perhaps a little cocktail dress for my friend's upcoming nuptials.
P.S. If you want details on how anything was made, just ask! The post was just getting a tad long...


  1. Congratulations!!!! You all look beautiful, and while I know about the things that bother us as sewing folks, no one else noticed.


  2. Congratulations!!!! You did a beautiful job, and I think everyone looked lovely especially you. I doubt anyone noticed your zipper issue.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Your dress is lovely, the setting is stunning and how cool are those key fobs?? It's nice you made everything so personal and put so much of yourself into it.

  4. Congratulations! Your wedding brought memories of mine, I also put together the favors, napkins rings and the program.

  5. Congratulations!!! A beautiful bride, handsome groom and all else is lovely. Thanks for sharing. Your dress is gorgeous

  6. Congratulations!!! u just make me "wow". I'm really amaze and admire ur dress. i wish i can turn back my time and do it like u-sew ur own wedding dress. this is amazing. congrats again :)

  7. Hi! Congratulations on your marraige! I just found your blog through patternreview and had to comment on this post. Your wedding looked absolutely beautiful! And my, that dress - so gorgeous! Congrats on that alone! I gave up and purchased my dress after a few months of constant headache and worry over my dress (in the end,this was the best decision for me). I just got married in C'ville as well. Go Hoos! I'm planning on giving a handmade wedding recap on my blog as soon as I get our photographer's pictures.


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