New Project: M5980

Let's cut to the chase: it's time to get back to some everyday garments. Or at least those that stand a chance at getting worn more than twice. Enter this jacket from McCall's.

My style of choice is the blue number (A) rather than the red, which takes the term "coat tails" to an extreme.

Fabric choice? A black imported (oooh) wool garbardine fresh off the Vogue remnant racks, naturally. Lining is to be a deep teal satiny substance and I need to find one fabulous button for the front. By fabulous I mean understated yet eye-catching. I'm going for a fresh take on the classic riding jacket here - this will give me an excuse to go buy some knee-high boots and skinny pants to complete the look.

The fabric is cut and tonight comes the lining and interfacing. I took a pic with the zebra drapes in the background to kill two birds with one stone. Look for that tomorrow when the camera battery has been charged.

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