What I Wore: Peachy Keen

As mentioned earlier this week, last weekend's wedding was one for the books. The grad school crowd got together again (some of these faces - and drinking habits - are probably starting to look familiar) and all was right with the world. The garment du jour? Vogue 8413, which was also used as the starting point for the Frank Party dress.

I won't lie, this is a fun dress to wear because it obviously sticks out in a crowd. Brightly colored fabric in an eye-catching, large scale, "how did you match those seams" print? Check. Satiny, swoopy peachy collar? Check. Semi-twirly skirt? Check. Let's not kid ourselves, it shouts at you. But I suspect Matt likes it because it keeps the "where's Waldo"-ish moments to a minimum.

The details: fabric was some leftover home dec stuff at Hancock's Fabrics last season. It's a cotton that has about the same weight as a drapery fabric. The pattern doesn't call for lining but I do so it's got a basic polyester china silk on the inside.

The skirt was let out to be more a-line then pencil, as the pattern calls for, and that makes dancing in it easier, fo sho.

Now for that collar. It's made from a simple polyester satin with no interfacing. That's right, it's standing on its own. We can thank the drafters at Vogue for putting this on the bias and giving the collar its popping power. (Side note, for those who know Matt, he's usually the one in the popped pink collar!)

Here you can see the back of the dress, which gets a dash of spice from the points of the collar ends. Also notice my new shorter 'do! Hooray for no more wedding hair.

Since there's not much else to discuss on this item we'll end with a toast to a good party with great friends.


  1. OOOOO what a lovely dress! You looked fantastic in it. Nice fabric!

  2. Beautiful dress! I love the colors!

  3. That's an amazing cut too, love the back collars!


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