I wasn't trying to make a water color...

but judging by the nasty spots left behind by my sputtering iron, you'd think otherwise. So I'm working on the purple plaid dress for this weekend and on one panel of fabric the iron completely misbehaved. I have about 4 half dollar-size water marks on the bottom of the dress and don't know how to get rid of them.

Fabric type, you ask? Excellent question. I'd put it somewhere between a polyester brocade, because of its weave, and a polyester (heavy) taffeta, because of its body. No matter what it is, it doesn't like to hide water spots.



  1. Depending on the where the water stain is, can you put a fabric or ribbon trim on the dress or some sort of design using fabric?

  2. I also talked to a friend of mine about it and she suggested next time using broadcloth or just a plain pillowcase cover over your garments when you are ironing to help prevent water stains.


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