Are They Really All That Amazing?

My guest-blogger-to-be is currently driving across our fair country on her way to a new job in Jersey. Needless to say, it's a bit difficult to write a blog entry when you're supposed to be driving. So we'll get her pattern review when she lands in the Garden State, no doubt. In the meantime, a round of applause for Ann and her new job in this bleak economy!

In other sewing news I managed to pick up a few patterns last week during a Presidents' Day sale at Hancock. They're all from Simplicity's "Amazing Fit" line and this is one of the three that I got:

As we near the end of the basement reno (built-ins are being built, including my sewing area!) I'm starting to plan for some spring work wear. Before I get all excited about this lofty promise of an amazing fit, though, I want to know if this Simplicity line lives up to its title. Does the fit of these garments really leave one amazed?

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  1. I just finished making this particular skirt up for a customer. After a quick tissue fit with few adjustments for her very slender frame it was all set. I love how this skirt made up and I think it's going to wear very well. I'm even thinking I'll need to pick this one up for myself soon!


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