It Looked Like This

Sunday morning our driveway looked like this:

With all that demo debris gone once and for all, we were able to tackle some big chores in the basement. Now, it looks like this:

Careful observers will detect the following: speakers in the ceiling, lights properly installed, TV mounted, door hung, and um, oh yes, PAINTED SURFACES. Matt did everything but that last task, which fell entirely to me. It turns out this was a very effective way to divide and conquer.

While we were pretty encouraged by our progress to date, lazily watching last night's storm roll through proved to be too tempting. The view out our kitchen window this morning looked like this:

To Kellogg friends who have moved onto warmer climates: are you sure you don't miss this? To my Washington/VA friends who have had their fair share of snow this week: yes, this is 14" compared to your 32", but we still have to go to work when the white stuff appears, so I'm quite jealous of your snow days, particularly after I spent 15 minutes cleaning the car off this morning.
While all that snow fell we trekked to the grocery store, picked up a "dinner of side dishes" and sat on our couch. We read the New York Times, fed carrots and hummus to our begging dogs, and were careful not to tip over our wine glasses. By 7:30 we were in pajamas with shirts that looked like this:

Laugh now, it's okay.

Parting comments: there may be a sewing-related post up next, assuming I can coerce a guest writer. Just throwing it out there to keep you sewing fans baited...

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