Basement Part 9: The Family Room Reveal*

*No bathroom reveal yet. Still waiting for the wallpaper to arrive...

It's Sunday night and I have a 6:30am meeting tomorrow. Matt's playing Super Nintendo (yes, it's the early 90s around here) and I kinda want to, too. These seem like good reasons to let the pictures do the talking. So here they are, folks, and I hope it's obvious which are the befores and which are the afters!
Bottom of basement stairs

TV Corner

Funky gas meter closet

Southwest Corner
Northwest Corner

Office/Sewing Area
Storage, Storage, Storage
(this is one of two old grocery trunks from Matt's family back in the day!)
Quick summary: this shot below was taken this morning with absolutely no artificial lighting on.
It's a basement and yet we are so lucky that it's often so bright. This, and a sale on that pair of apple green ottomans, is also why I decided to abandon the original design scheme of a dark and moody men's club and went lighter on some things. Observant readers might also notice the main wall color isn't green anymore, it's "Latte" from Restoration Hardware. Remember what I said about 2 paint jobs being my M.O.?
In just two short weeks the room really has become a favored living area; it is most certainly a family room with the hounds back in "their" space. Adding 30 inches to the overall width of the main room may not seem like much but the new square footage makes a HUGE difference. The room now truly functions as a guest room too because the sleeper sofa can be pulled out without having the foot end crash into the wall. It is also much more private than it once was since you must pass through the office area to get to the family room. No more walking down the stairs and instantly catching your sleeping guests off guard! The basement bathroom can now be accessed while those in jammie-jams (The Office this week, anyone?) don't have to display their wares/wears.
Like most major projects in our house (or at least those I commandeer), this one is not 100% done yet! I've got a few sewing projects left. That thrift store chair beneath the boat artwork? Yep, its goldenrod-colored seat pad's days are numbered.


  1. What a metamorphosis!! I applaud your vision and innovativeness!! When I looked at the photographs, I couldn't believe it was the same space! Great job...want to work on a barn? C


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