Progress. For some, anyhow.

I had so hoped to post a review today of a top I started over the weekend. It's green. And today, if you couldn't tell already by the number of coworkers who are out "sick," is St. Patrick's Day. Technically I'm on the orange team but I love sporting green and equally love a finished garment.

Anyway, I do have a different finished project to share, also started over the weekend. Behold our utility room floor:

When we tore up the old bathroom we were left with a nasty patch of about 4 layers of concrete laid over who knows how many years. Before new tile could go down this ugliness needed to be leveled out.

Ah! So much better. The self-leveling concrete just oozes its way into every little crevice until you're left with one silky smooth surface.

And once all has settled into place, just slap some tile down and call yourself "floored" by the ease of the project.

I'll take some cheesecloth to the new tiles tonight to clean up the lingering grout haze. Unlike in the bathroom, I used pre-mixed grout and mortar with this floor. That stuff is about 10x more expensive than the mix it yourself kind but seriously, the convenience factor and general tidiness of it all won me over in no time.

Where was Matt in all of this? He was muttering four letter words from the family room while he attempted to set up his fancy schmancy new remote control. Ok, ok, to be fair he helped mix and pour the leveler and did all of the wet saw tile cutting because my constantly frigid hands would have fallen off had I been the cutter.

But back to the remote. I know I shouldn't be laughing about this (still) nor should I be posting about it because apparently a few of his coworkers read this blog and this most certainly could call his dude skills into question. However, having just seen an episode of Modern Family in which Phil pisses off his wife by bringing in some uber-complicated remote control, I am endlessly amused by this turning of the technology tables. Hot-shot remote be damned! Just typing this is making me smirk.

image from www.cepro.com

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  1. My parents have that remote. The only person who knows how to use is is my 21 year old sister.

    Also, FYI - you can use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (aka the best thing EVER) on the grout haze for stubborn spots not remedied via the traditional cheesecloth method.


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