Friday Fodder: Frequency, Food, and Forecasting

Alternatively, this post could be titled, "How many f-words can one use as her subject line without using the mother of all f-words?"

Ok so frequency. I learned the summer in between first and second year of grad school that I truly am a routine person. This could be read as "boring" but whatevs. Getting back on some sort of schedule, even if that meant no more free Wednesdays or sleeping in until 10 am on a weekday, made me a happy camper. I got stuff done, I was running a respectable distance each week, I always had clean laundry, you get the point. And ditto for blogging. Personally, I think this blog was at its prime when I had "Wedding Dress Wednesday" going on. If not for the content then at least the regularity of posting. So moving forward I'm going to try out a M,W,F schedule, with Friday's content being some sort of fodder to take us into the weekend. And yes, there will likely be times where quality is sacrificed for quantity, or regularity, as it were.

This brings me to today's fodder, which involves food (and, as it turns out, a routine). I had my third 6:30 am meeting of the week this morning. Woof. I'm not bringing it up for sympathy but rather to point out a side effect of meeting at that early of an hour. Breakfast gets thrown by the wayside, I end up scavenging for junk, and any pitiful effort I've made in the weekly running department usually gets screwed by a hospital cafeteria donut. Today I visited Starbucks twice in as many hours and spent ten clams on mediocre coffee and an overpriced but satisfying protein plate.

Those who know me know I don't cook. Matt's one dandy chef so that makes me the lucky taste-tester. However, I do assemble. After forking over $5 for this item I got to thinking, um, I could make this at home ahead of time and have a decent lunch at work even when everything else around me might not be so decent. So I did some research on Peapod.com to see what it would take to slap together my own protein plate and I came up with this tally, which should even be discounted 10% or so to cover Peapod's mark-up.
  • egg - $0.36
  • cheese - .87
  • apple - .22
  • grapes - .5
  • bagel - .37
  • peanut butter - .1
  • TOTAL - $2.43 (!)

I already eat the same thing every day for breakfast (6:30 meeting mornings notwithstanding) so doing the same for lunch would feed my need for consistency. Pun intended. Is anyone else noticeably better off with routines in life or am I just dull like that?

Anyway let's get this Friday Fodder post in the books by talking about Spring. Or maybe the lack thereof if you're in Chicago. Snow, yes snow, is forecasted for the weekend. In keeping with our letter of the day, F me and the weather!

I'll be hunkering down watching NCAA basketball and giving my latest garment project the ol' college try. I've already dismissed the green shirt mentioned on Wednesday. Honestly people, not making one respectable item of clothing since July 09 is downright embarrassing. This was supposed to be a sewing blog after all. Wish me luck and enjoy your weekend!

*images via microsoft.com, starbucks.com, weather.com

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