Made It Monday: Bowties

Welcome to the work week! Hopefully everyone had enjoyable weekends. As expected, the weather here was pure ugliness on Saturday. This did make for good basketball watching (holy Northern Iowa/Kansas game!) and even better sewing.

I think I may have mentioned that Matt recently transitioned over to bowties as his office accessory of choice, forgoing the more traditional neck tie. It turns out that this worked well on my end because I've now learned that making bowties is way easier than making neck ties. Using this pattern as a template for shape only I went to work figuring out how these things come together. The muslin was successful enough that I bit the bullet and cut into some prized silk. Hello Monday morning! Nothing like direct to consumer distribution.

There is a pile of silk remnants on my dining table right now because I ran out of the hardware necessary to make the bowties adjustable. Fortunately I was able to muster up three sets and thus churned out some others.

I may or may not have had a little too much fun merchandising the ties for picture-taking this morning.

What say you? Should I quit my day job and buddy up to Brooks Brothers? :)

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