WIP Wednesday: Jacket!

First, if you are able, please view a few seconds of this clip:


Did you hear the part about the "jaaaaaaacketttss!"? Yeah, this is what runs through my head any time I think of starting a jacket! project. Ms. Orman might be giving swell money advice but other decisions appear to be more questionable. Surely that clip helps validate my hesitation, no?

So anyway I'm fighting desperately to get back any shred of sewing talent I had in the garment department. The pattern du jour (literally, I seem to start - and throw away - one almost every day) is Simplicity 2728. Despite the aforementioned jacket! worries this item won out because fit problems in jackets! can usually be remidied without throwing a fit, if you will.

Survey says....undecided. Construction has been easy. Material presses really well, despite the evident wrinkles that suggest otherwise. I'm using a linen chambray from Hancock in a versatile neutral. And, um, that's all I've got to share so far. Unintentionally this week's design theme appears to be "bows." If next week's theme shows up as "scrunchies" I forgive you for discontinuing your subscription.

Ooooh! Before I go, how's this for follow through?

Matt saw me assembling my lunch the other day and asked if I was making a grown-up Lunchables. Charming grade school association yes, but these Lunchables don't have mystery meat as a star player (no offense, my friends at Kraft).

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  1. Good luck with your jacket.

    I love, love, love your CAB dress from last year. I have actually been cheeky enough to link to it on my blog without asking. I hope you don't mind, if you do let me know and I will fix it.


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