WIP Wednesday: Spring Cleaning

It's 70* here today. Praise ye, weather gods.

With the weather turning so went my attention from clothes back to house. I have an unhealthy need to keep switching things up in the city cottage and this tends to drive Matt nuts. For the safety of our marriage I've learned to rotate things around the house rather than go out and buy new each time the change itch strikes. Last night the master bedroom was my lucky subject.

To help you get your bearings, here's a handy dandy floor plan. We swapped rooms and are using the former "master" as our guest room. You'll see that we're not working with tons of space (thus the city cottage classification) and yet we've found it to be spacious enough.

Have a look at some before pictures that we snapped the day we closed on the house. See if you can guess who used to live in the room we now use as the master bedroom. Three clues:

Pretty pretty princess pink walls
Itty bitty shelves in the closet
Bubblegum ball fringe on the window treatments.

Let's forget the guessing game, as there's only one clear answer. This room once belonged to a cute little 2 year old munchkin who obviously loved all things pink (or her mother did, anyhow).
As charming as it might have been, we couldn't handle the pink after about a month or so. Super White (my favorite BM white) to the rescue! Here we are, in the dead of January:

A rundown of the changes: floors stained darker, walls and trim all painted white, window blinds replaced, window drapes installed on new curtain rod, and a TV mounted and hooked up, but nicely hidden from view when standing in the hallway. The other side of the room has a dresser and some artwork but still needs a dash of aesthetic love.

But back to the spring cleaning.

The muted colors in our room are nice for evoking that winter white feeling but I'm now looking for a little more vibrancy. Much like my tendency to pick a paint color only to then repaint a few days later, I found some print drapes for the dining room months ago, thought I loved them, but then swapped 'em out for classic white. Last night the print option experienced a revival. Our MB curtains only need to be 82" so there was some hemming involved. Thanks to years of watching my mom do the same thing, I've learned this tool is your best friend for getting even hems:

Now I'm trying to come up with something fun for the bedding and I'm considering some new duvet options made from sheets. Our weekend will be packed with home improvement as Matt and I work on finishing up the utility room in the basement and I pull the bedroom into the spring and summer seasons. If there's time, those dead plants on the little balcony, a gracious housewarming gift from the previous owners, will finally get kicked to the curb. Stay tuned for more after shots.

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