Friday Fodder: Commuting

A smattering of what I saw on my drive to the office this morning:

1. My friend's FB status update saying, "Good Friday is probably the only time in my life I wish I worked in finance." Amen. As I answer emails and look at spreadsheets Matt is still sound asleep.

2. A polished gentleman getting out of his convertible with his golf clubs, ready to play a round at the course directly across the street from the hospital. See point #1. I'm guessing he works in finance. And now I get to watch him tee off.

3. A not-so-polished lassie crossing the street, smoking a cigarette, one dress strap draped haphazardly over her shoulder, mascara smeared beneath the eyes. Facial expression: what the hell just happened? In other words, a classic walk of shame. I don't know about Good Friday, but she must have had a Good Thursday.

And on that not very polite note, Happy Easter! I'm hoping the Easter Bunny leaves a basket of sewing mojo.

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