Friday Fodder: I need a dress!

Hello Friday, I adore you.

And holy crap, we're through the first week of April already! That means June is nearing and that means I've got some dresses to make. This is where you come in, dear reader(s).

Here's the situation. The hospital fundraiser is in June and the theme is some sort of tropical paradise (we dream big in Chicago - warm, tropical weather in June can be a bit of a stretch). Anyhoo, I tend to dress the part for these types of events. That's a major perk of crafting your own dress, afterall. Normally I know just what direction I want to go in but this time I'm torn. Stripes and solids are at war in my mind. Silhouette is too, for that matter. So let me show you what I'm thinking and then please weigh in.

Option 1: Stripes and slim.

Who doesn't love Eliza Doolittle?

I saw this Ralph Lauren dress in the window of his shop here and it was instant love. I still cannot stop swooning over it.

From last night's PR episode. It's circus-y (that was the challenge) but I like the vibe it's got going on.

I PhotoShop-ed up this dress in a stripe that's similar to some stuff I've got in the stash. It's fresh, I think it evokes a certain beachiness, but is that beachiness too cabana-ish?

Option 2: Solid and simple

A stunning vintage Vogue 2134 in yellow silk by Shinta

If you're a seasoned reader of this site you've probably noticed that I don't make a lot of empire-waisted dresses. I have my reasons but I'm considering putting those aside and forging into new territory. If I went this route I'd go with a vibrant tangerine color, something else I haven't done before.

Option 3: Madras madness.

A full dress in madras? Sure, seen it. But mine would not be a socially safe, strapless, knee-length column dress like this one (not that there's anything wrong with it - I think it's adorable). No, if I used madras it would be a floor length number. And it would have to have be something beyond a tube dress. A bit over the top? For sure. But I'd totally do it and would probably love every minute of it. It is a tropical themed party, yo.

So, with my options on the table, help! Which do you like? Any, none? Click a box in the poll on the side, top of the page. ----->>>>
Got something else in mind? Have just the right pattern for the madras number? Tell me. This could be fun - y'all choosing and me making. I'll leave the poll up for a week and we'll see how this experiment works. Thanks in advance!
The voting box wasn't working but is now - scroll up and click an option!

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  1. Why don't you go with the Ralph Lauren gown in the madres material


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