WIP Wednesday: Extreme Home Makeover

Minimal pictures today, y'all. That's because this is a work-in-progress posting as opposed to a "Yo Mom, check this out!" kind of deal.

I mentioned earlier that aside from Matt's workroom, other areas of the house were experiencing a revitalization, of sorts. It all started Friday afternoon when I went to put some clothes away and practically tripped on our bedroom rug. Out with it! One thing lead to another and suddenly drapes, rugs, artwork, and furniture were on the move.

Hudgins HATES moving-related activities. Despises. Freaks out at the sight of shifting stuff. There is actual trembling involved with lots of cramming his butt into whatever corner is closest. And those are probably fair emotions since we've dragged him to 8 different homes in his 7 years. To keep him and Lil Monster occupied while I sent dust flying, we swapped out the glass insert of our storm door with the screen. Miraculous! The hounds were entertained by our passing neighbors for the rest of the evening.

This scene is the standard arrangement: Charlotte at the front door keeping watch, Hudgins on the front hall landing, ready to bark at a moment's notice. He undoubtedly feels like the king up there. Matt and I suspect the real reason he stays up a few steps is because he's willing to have Charlotte take the fall for him should an evil intruder actually cross the threshold. Such a knight in black fur, he is.

Anyway, back to the extreme home makeover that was going on behind this scene. I'm prepping the guest room for our April visitors (yippee!) so as soon as the final pieces have been put back in place I'll share the pictures. Until then, the list of moves:

master bedroom --> living room
living room --> dining room
guest bedroom --> storage

living room --> stairway
guest bedroom -->master bedroom
master bedroom --> living room

guest bedroom --> basement
table in storage --> dining room
dining room --> guest room
basement --> guest room

Mirrors and lighting:
front hall --> guest room
guest room --> master bedroom
front hall --> dining room
dining room --> basement

guest room --> living room
old dining room --> master bedroom

If you followed all of that, you probably detected that the guest room was practically stripped bare. New drapes, recovering the thrift-store chair originally in the basement, and a twist on an upholstered headboard are all in the works. I took the plunge and got an entry-level serger a few weeks back and let me just say it has been a star player in this makeover! To those shopping around, I'm quite pleased with this little baby by Janome.

Anyone else doing some spring cleaning/home sprucing with their sewing machines?

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