Friday Fodder: More Dresses!

A few quick things:
  • Mom's here. The basement bathroom is wallpapered. Holler!
  • I had to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress today and let me tell you, I am in the wrong line of work. 3 hondo for a simple a-line number!? HA! And that doesn't even take into account the alterations that I'll have to have done to it because, naturally, my chest and waist measurements do not match my hips. I know this and this is why I choose to make my own frocks, thankyouverymuch the not-so-friendly lady in the store.
  • We received an invitation to a different wedding today in the mail. This is Matt's friend and he neglected to inform me that this is a "black tie optional" affair. Is there anything more gray in the dress code world? Nope, I think not. Anyway, the dress I was planning to make will now be too casual for my liking at "black tie optional" events.

This brings us to......

  1. Please vote on a dress for the hospital event
  2. If you've still got dresses on the brain and can think of a pattern that works for a June "black tie optional" soiree in D.C., hook me up! Drop a comment, y'all.

Happy Friday!


  1. "Make the ralph lauren dress", said a disinterested third party.

  2. 1. Ralph Lauren dress. Love.

    2. I think you can rock the Cynthia Steffe dress for black tie optional if you pick a more cocktail-y fabric. Maybe something with a very subtle sheen? Maybe in a dark jewel color?


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