Weekend in New York with my sister and some swell lady friends. The weather on Saturday was glorious.

Fabric from Mood for the June wedding. I'm going to use the Cynthia Steffe pattern after all since I think this polka-dot stuff in an espresso-y color will look quite refined in the end. Why A- and not A+? Well, I like to be frugal when it comes to these things and so $12 a yard for a poly blend is cause for point deduction. Still, I love.


This exhibit at the Met was charming. I only wish they had shown more of the collages on the wall and not in the books that were hard to get to.

Invitations to the hospital gala arrived just before I left for New York. So did the RSVP card with the ticket prices. You probably can't see it in this picture, and that may be for the better, but I'll fill you in anyway. $350 for an individual ticket. We'd need two. For 700 clams.

After pondering this for quite some time we've decided Cinderella and her Prince Charming will not be going to the ball. I'm sorry, y'all, because that means no madras dress despite your much appreciated voting. As I said, F-. At least we've got the Steffe to look forward to!


  1. $350 pr person? Holy cr*p - don't they know there's a recession going on?

  2. I love that fabric for the Cynthia Steffe dress!


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