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Hey y'all. (Now I have the "Hey Ya!" song in my head - great!)

I'm leaving on a jet plane for New York tomorrow and I won't be back again until Monday morning, whereupon I will hop in a cab at O'Hare and scoot back to work just in time for a meeting (fingers crossed).

Then, next weekend is our first year Kellogg reunion. Talk about time flying. My favorite people are all returning to the coop and there will be lots of fun and debauchery next Friday through Sunday. This means little to no time for projects and even less time to create some blog posts. Things will be a tad sparse in this neck of the internet but here's what waiting for us the first week of May:

1. Basement bathroom reveal. Fly fisherman in top hats and a slight reference to the Civil War/War of Northern Aggression? How can you NOT love that? :)

2. Summer fun dress. I'm picking up this pattern from Joann's sale this afternoon (assuming it's in stock) and can't wait to cut up a great mod print to make it all happen.

3. Fancy schmancy dresses. Based on your votes, we're down to madras and stripes, with the comments leaning towards stripes. Poll closes tomorrow so get your say in now! Then I've got the "black-tie-optional-what-the-hell-does-that-mean" dress to get going on, too. Per Kate's comment a few posts back, if I can find the right fabric in The City this weekend then Cynthia Steefe's little number might stay on the cutting table. Erica did a stellar job on her version - could I be so lucky?

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  1. This is a cute dress, but it does not look bra-friendly. I found your blog while looking for info about making your own wedding dress. You opened my mind to the possibility of combining several patterns or making your own (which I did for the bodice of my dress), and everything is coming along well for my wedding dress. Thank you! Great remodeling and decorating of your home, by the way!


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