WIP: Over Easy Dress

Here's what's shakin' on the Cynthia Rowley dress:
  • Sunday night I pretreated the fabric. It's a super soft linen from JoAnn's that looked destined to shrink. I try to avoid pretreating as much as possible because of impatience, first and foremost. And when it comes to cutting, the fabric never lays as smoothly as it did straight off the bolt. At least not for me, even after ironing.
  • Monday I cut stuff up. Because I had to match the pattern print, this took a decent chunk of time. Oh, and it involved a dumpster dive. More on that later.
  • Tuesday I started assembly. Roughly 3.5 hours later I had a dress! All that's left to do is the handstitching on the hem and tacking down some facings. Have a look-see at the progress:

We're having some of Matt's work chums (no one uses the word "chums" anymore so I thought I'd throw it out there) over for dinner tonight or tomorrow. Thus, I'll probably finish the dress this weekend and will provide a full review Monday. And you'll see why I've dubbed this one the "Over Easy" dress.

To finish things off today, J sent over some pics of the kiddie clothes for your viewing pleasure!

The Gentleman's Bathroom is on the docket for Friday. Get your fishing gear ready.

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