CAB Dress - Final Pictures

The Charity Auction Ball (CAB) was a fabulous success thanks to the hard work and stellar planning of some friends! As promised, a shot of me, not the dress form, actually wearing the dress.

I think I mentioned it before but the theme was "Black and White" if you couldn't tell by everyone's swank attire.

And despite my best efforts, I ended up doing a little bit of last minute sewing on the dress the day of the event. Why? Mostly because Victoria's Secret doesn't believe in stocking items for those of us in the first part of the alphabet. So the U-Plunge bra that looked so promising was left unpurchased and forced some ingenuity. I went shopping in my closet instead and ended up sacrificing a bra.

With some fashion tape from L I was almost ready to go. The last thing I did was add a hook and eye to the back of the skirt so that I could hike up the train. This h&e is larger than I wanted but it's all I had in the closet and the billowing fabric covered it up anyway. It got the job done and I was so glad to have it; the Ball was packed with people and the rainy Chicago sidewalks were not conducive to sporting a train!

Lastly, there's been some solid progress on the wedding dress. I'll get to that on Wednesday when I am d.o.n.e. for the quarter. :)

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