Two Strikes and a Hit

Well that's that. Dreams of life in the second floor unit of that charming graystone are over, thanks to a dog-hating condo board. In a market like this, can sellers afford to be picky? Have they been watching the same doomsday news I have? Even a letter of recommendation from our current landlord couldn't sway them. In some ways getting into a condo with dogs is appearing harder than getting into biz school. Anyway, moving on.

I thought the blow would be softened by some hot jeans from Rue La La but turns out they're not meant to be either. My long torso killed this deal. Low rise is just too low sometimes.

All is not lost, however. I got another package in the mail to prevent today from being a total washout. To my delightful surprise, the green polka dot fabric is the ideal weight for a trench coat. Looks like that's next on the cutting table.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no on 2 counts! Re the jeans - I think i may have gotten the wrong size. I'm gonna need a second opinion. What size did you get? Maybe I can try/buy them off you :) Darn pressure boutique shopping.


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