Wedding Dress Wednesday - #6

What we have here is just one of countless seams that has been pressed open and catch-stitched into place. Talk about climbing the learning curve quickly: before this dress I had only hand-sewn the sloppiest of hems but my portfolio of stitches has probably quadrupled in the last few weeks.

The other portfolio that has diversified, if you will, is my collection of sewing gadgets. First, I got a ham a few weeks back and that swiftly earned its place in the sewing closet. I used it to press all the seams open since I've learned in fitting this dress that I don't have a straight edge on my body, so why press on a straight surface? Next, I finally found some rigilene boning only after I had made the foundation with the normal thick plastic stuff. No matter, I was convinced in seconds that this is what I needed for better construction of the bodice. I attached it to some lightweight cotton flannel, which then got basted to the front layers of the bodice (the bodice is lined with the same fashion fabric, not a seperate lining).

This means that the foundation with monogram did not make it into the final product, as suspected. I think you'll agree that that was a good sacrifice to make. There is no way I could have gotten as smooth of a finish had I been stuck attaching the (bulky) foundation.

So the top is about 97% there - I need to fully stitch the gathered neck line into place so that it's tighter and more uniformly scrunched, so to speak. But I like this shot because you can see the nice sheen that the taffeta has. And as for the back, the V will come to a clean point at the waist band once completed. I didn't feel like pinning everything perfectly into place for this half ass photo shoot. Let's scroll down for the last bit of progress:

Say hi to Hudgins, the black dog I don't have to worry about around a white dress. You can see the lining here and some tulle pinned to the bottom. I'm going to sew the top layer of the skirt next and want to see if it needs some oomph from the tulle or if it will have enough body on its own.

And as for the monogram, I'm still looking for a home to give it. I tried stitching it to the top of the skirt lining but my machine was not happy about that proposition. Danger, Will Robinson. Three times. I swear that machine is so finicky and the moon, stars, and planets have to be in perfect alignment in order for it to work. Today was not that day, apparently.


  1. you seriously have to catchstitch the seams in place?? it looks amazing.

  2. Found your blog through pattern review and am absolutely enthralled by your wedding dress trials...so awesome! Congrats, and I cannot wait to see the final product!!


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