Wedding Dress Wednesday - #7

Phew. The skirt panels are sewn together, both by machine and then by hand. I've learned to never underestimate how much catch-stitching needs to be done. The picture above was taken before all the seams were properly pressed back and stitched down, and before the skirt was actually attached to the bodice. Those tasks are now done, and the fit is still good!

Speaking of fit, I've also learned how helpful it is to baste major pieces together to check the fit before sewing them on the machine. Since this is taffeta it's not forgiving when it comes to hiding holes from removed stiches so I've been extra careful to make sure I'm sewing a seam once and only once.

There's not much else to say this week, except that I'm at the point where I'm unashamedly going to take full credit for the design of this frock. As I've put the real deal together I've realized how little of it follows the original store-bought patterns. Sure, it's got hints of a Vogue and a McCall but it sure doesn't match any of their pieces!
My fancy machine is officially on the fritz but my trusty $90 Brother is turning out to be a more impressive substitution than expected. It's the little machine that could! As long as it continues to behave I'm going to get the lining in and then the zipper. After that, some hemming and trim detail. It can't do the nice automatic buttonholes, however, and that is precisely what's holding me up from finishing the green spring jacket.

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