Wedding Dress Wednesday - #8, Part A

Following last week's post I got a question about what patterns I used to make the dress.
And now some masterful drawings to illustrate what got changed and where:

I've been quite busy over here working on the dress because I have to clean up our back bedroom for some houseguests this weekend. The place is a disaster with a capital "D" and yet so wonderfully reminiscent of the architecture studios from college. To this day I contend good work is stifled if you constantly have to tidy up!

The room has also been declared a no food, no drink, no dog, and no man zone following an incident last week where I left the dress out unattended and Matt came home, only to see it in plain view. Damn. So much for that tradition! I also had a scare yesterday when I tried on the dress right after getting out of the shower in order to check hem length. My intentions were good: shower fresh with no lotions or potions to spoil the fabric. Unfortunately, my razor was not. A small unseen knick on the back of my leg left a few drops of blood on the dress. You can only imagine my horror upon discovering this, I'm sure. Thankfully it was contained mostly to the underlining (I heart underlining, by the way) and I was able to do damage control. There is the tiniest spot on the outside of the dress but I am hopeful no one but me will ever notice. Plus, a pre-wedding dry cleaning might make this all moot. I hope. Please. For the love of God.

Anyway, the place is a mess because there's been a lot of good work going on. I will post more today with dress pictures during dog nap time.


  1. This may sound like the most off the wall advice, but I do have a tried and true way of getting blood out of clothing. Dunno if you'd want to do this, but I didn't hesitate the last time I bled on something. Wet the end of your finger with a little bit of your saliva and gently rub in into the stain. This only works when your saliva is used on your blood. Something about personal enzymes or something like that. I don't know exactly why it works, but it definately does

  2. Cisa is right. I alter wedding gowns and have poked my finger more times than I care to admit... but there is one thing I would add- If you thread a needle with some white thread and wet the THREAD with your saliva and pull it through the stain, you will avoid causing it to "bleed" into the surrounding fabric which could happen if you dab your wet finger on the stain. I have sometimes threaded several needles and pulled them through (drawing the blood stain right out of the fabric) so that I'm not re-staining by using the same thread over and over. This works especially well if the stain is very small. Good luck! I love your dress by the way!

  3. Hydrogen peroxide usually gets rid of blood stains. Dab it on with a Qtip and watch it bubble away!


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